Vicar's Messages

May 2019

Dear friends,

I have spent some time over the last few weeks trying to put together a dark room. Not because I need that sort of space to recover from the ways of the 21st Century you understand, but because I want to print some of the old negatives of family life that I found at my father's house.

I imagine that some of you have at some point developed your own film and negatives. The process is quite simple - and yet amazing. In a specific environment, the negative is exposed to light. With chemicals at the right temperature, the creative fun begins, and ends when the final print is extracted from the 'fixer' and washed.

Our human development relies on a similar process. I am sure you can use your own life experience to recognise the processes that have shaped who you are, and perhaps what you are yet to become.

Christ is proclaimed as 'the light of the world'. Our 'exposure' to that light, makes a difference. That light, is that which brings out the depths of who and whose we are. It is that light that determines something of the way we turn out, along with the nurture of others along the way. Like the photographic print.

May your life journey be exposed to the light and may the shadows and the highlights bring you to the fullness of life, coming to know, who and whose you are.