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Bibliography & Research - St Neot Church

Some notes and speculations in the northern range of windows in the St Neot Pre-Reformation Glazing Scheme.
John Richards Ladies Field Whitekirk Dunbar EH2 April 2001.

St Neot Church, Cornwall
J P Hedgeland MDCCCXXX

Descriptive sketch of the windows of St Neot Church, Cornwall
Rev Henry Grylls 1844

Some accounts of the church and windows of St Neot Church, Cornwall
Printed by H E Ledger, Maze-Pond, Southwark, 1786

The Treatment of Myth and Legend in the Windows of St Neot Church, Cornwall
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A short guide to the painted windows in St Neot Church, Cornwall
G McN Rushforth Society for promoting Christian knowledge, London 1937

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The Lengendary Lone of The Holy Wells of England
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The Cornish Church Guide: Parochial History of Cornwall
Charles Henderson, p169 - 171

Repairs to the Holy Well at St Neot
Ann Preston-Jones & Colin Buck 1997

Cornwall Archaeological Unit
Cornwall County Council


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