Renovations & Repairs

Church Tower Project

Work began with the scaffolding going up in early March 2016. Generous donation from Fuller E Callaway Foundation

The Church Tower Fund has recently received a welcome and very generous donation from the Fuller E Callaway Foundation of LaGrange Georgia USA. In the gallery is a copy of the letter Andy was sent from the President H Speer Burdette III.

Our sincere thanks to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and to the President.

Tower Renovation 2016

Pictures of the top of the Church Tower during renovation in 2016. The first section starts at the top of the Tower. Subsequent sections move down the Tower.

Building the Ramp 2007

Work began on the new ramp and access to the disabled toilet in October 2007.

Church Roof Repairs 2002

On 20th August 2002 work started on the roof repairs. The photos "looking through the roof" were taken on the 17th of October 2002